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Integrating React Native, TypeScript, and MobX

August 11, 2017  5 minute read  

In my last article, I psted about getting TypeScript working with React Native. I’m building a flexible, best-practices, Notes App in React Native. This means I need a backing store, and it has to be local for offline capabilities. React has a definite way of building data into the UI and the manipulation of that data is an architecture known as Flux. Flux isn’t a concrete implementation, however. Normally, I would use Redux as the concrete implementation. However, I have recently started wor...

Debugging React Native with TypeScript and Visual Studio Code

August 09, 2017  2 minute read  

One of the things I really miss from React Native was the support for TypeScript. TypeScript helps me immensely, but it really comes into its own with React programming as the PropTypes are specified for you (no more propTypes static). I’m also getting into MobX as a flux implementation and that uses decorators, which is native in TypeScript. There is lots to love in TypeScript.