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Build a Universal Search API with GraphQL and AWS AppSync

June 19, 2018  5 minute read  

Have you ever looked at a feature of a mobile app and wondered how they do something? Me too! I like to figure out how they built those features and build them into my own apps. Take, as an example, universal search. You can find this sort of search box at the top of the Facebook app. So, how do they implement it? I’ve not seen their codebase, but I imagine it’s something similar to the following proof of concept.

Unit Testing in Android Studio with Kotlin

May 12, 2018  5 minute read  

I made myself a promise a couple of months ago. My next app would be fully unit tested for the non-UI components and fully instrument-tested for the UI components. That’s a tall order, especially since I’m using the latest and greatest Android Studio Canary. I ran into a few problems. Some can’t be solved and some can.

Deploy an AWS AppSync GraphQL API with CloudFormation

April 17, 2018  15 minute read  

There are lots of tutorials about creating an [AWS AppSync] API from the ground up using the console. However, sooner or later, you are going to want to create an API for production.

Easy EditText content validation with Kotlin

April 11, 2018  3 minute read  

One of the things that I always deal with in my apps is the need to validate the input fields of a form. I can easily do this with this sample fragment of code (for example, for a length check):