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Using dependency injection with Koin

April 06, 2018  6 minute read  

In a recent post, I described how I can do app analytics by using the AWS Mobile SDK and an AWS Mobile Hub project. This is a great way to get usage analytics for your app, but it requires a tight coupling between the provider (the AWS Provider and AnalyticsClient) and the app. You need to initialize the provider early on (preferably in the Application wrapper or the first activity). That causes a tight linkage between the activities where it is used and the client object.

Lessons in Kotlin: Toolbar Icons and Reflection

April 01, 2018  5 minute read  

There are many tutorials online on how to produce an Android app bar with an options menu — so much so that it can be boiled down to a few steps, and I’ll reproduce them here:

Lessons in Kotlin Threading: An Animated Splash Screen

March 29, 2018  2 minute read  

I find quite a lot of Android apps have splash screens. Some splash screens are for showing off the logo; others for hiding the extensive data load times. Whatever the reason, it’s a way for a little bit of creativity to shine through.

The React Toolbox - 2018 Edition

March 23, 2018  5 minute read  

It’s been a while since I’ve been in web development. I’ve mostly been concentrating on mobile development instead. But this week I had cause to delve again. It’s amazing how much change there has been in the web world in just 2 years. React has become the force in web frameworks (Sorry Angular — I never liked you anyway) and developers are starting to coalesce around libraries and tools that make their life easier. I thought I’d put down my thoughts on the libraries that are making it into m...

Why I’m refactoring to Kotlin

March 21, 2018  5 minute read  

One of the things that is really cool about software development is that we are continually learning and adjusting. I spent a day recently learning Kotlin. I was so impressed with the language, I decided to refactor my entire Family Photos app. It did not take long.