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How to deploy a GraphQL API on AWS with the Serverless Framework

August 14, 2018  8 minute read  

In previous posts, we’ve explored how to deploy a GraphQL service based on [AWS AppSync] and Amazon DynamoDB using [AWS CloudFormation]. The articles reinforce how automatic and repeatable deployments are central to moving towards a DevOps mindset.

Converting types with Room and Kotlin

August 08, 2018  5 minute read  

I’ve been working on a personal project, trying to get to grips with the various Android Architecture Components and Kotlin. One of the things I came up with was the requirement to deal with type conversion when using a SQLite database and the Room persistence library. Room is a nice abstraction to the internal SQLite database that converts models to tables within SQLite. It’s nice because it works alongside LiveData and RxJava to provide observable objects — when the database changes, the ob...

Build a GraphQL Weather API with OpenWeatherMap and AWS AppSync

July 20, 2018  6 minute read  

I love GraphQL even for the small apps. Generating a simple API allows me to change out back end details without re-compiling my front end. It also allows me to rotate API keys easily, handle authentication, and get in depth monitoring of the individual fields being used. So, naturally, when I am building a new weather app (don’t judge — everyone makes one), I naturally want to use a weather API based on GraphQL.

Run TypeScript Mocha Tests in Visual Studio Code

July 04, 2018  7 minute read  

I’m spending my July 4th getting back to basics and learning some data structures and algorithms. I’ve decided to do my stuff in TypeScript since it’s been a while since I’ve played with TypeScript and I wanted to see what has changed at the same time.

Implement Search-on-type in Android with RxJava

June 20, 2018  6 minute read  

I’m working on a new sample which, as is typical, communicates with a backend service for data through a serverless API. In this particular example, it’s a search capability that I am developing and one of the features I want to implement is “search while you type”.