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Testing Mobile Apps: A Primer

March 11, 2018  10 minute read  

Why should you test your mobile app? A recent study showed that almost a quarter of users only use a mobile app once, and a shocking 95% abandon an app within the first month. Some of the reasons that users abandon an app are due to content and engagement. The biggest non-content reasons for abandonment are application crashes and security concerns. No one can prevent all application crashes. The mobile ecosystem is too broad and unpredictable to provide a 100% guarantee. However, testing ens...

The Six Mobile Apps You Should Write

March 10, 2018  2 minute read  

Take a look at the mobile apps on the app stores and you will see patterns emerge. The same pattern is repeated time and time again. It’s crazy to think about this, but you only need to learn how to write six mobile apps that implement the common patterns. You can then pretty much write any app that is out there.

Creating a React Native bridge library

January 19, 2018  7 minute read  

React Native is really good at straddling the line between native and JavaScript. There is a bridge between the two that allows you to call native code from JavaScript. This is awesome for including things that require a special touch. Most React Native developers will never need to worry about the bridge because libraries exist to wrap a lot of the common native libraries that you see in Android and iOS.